May 9, 2014

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A Relativist Treatise Against the Monolithic Tyranny of Science and Rebuttal to an Inane Web Comment Regarding the Uselessness of Religion

            If one is to look at the history and precursors to modern science, one cannot ignore the Mystical roots. Alchemy begat Chemistry, Astrology begat Astronomy, Pharmacology is firmly rooted in ancient herbal lore, and Ritual Mummification led to the understanding of Anatomy, etcetera. The oldest available written records are primarily religious texts, as the duties of scribe and priest were and often still are one and the same, read a translation of the Rosetta Stone for a good example. The greatest examples of aesthetics be they art or architecture are often religious in context. The term Rabbi simply means Teacher in Hebrew. Most Christian Priests hold Doctorates in Divinity, and the training required to become an Imam in Islam is even more rigorous. Indeed, in addition to dietary restrictions which are generally beneficial to a healthy lifestyle, Muslims are required to wash before Prayer five times daily, predating the practice of bathing in Northern Europe by a millennium. Hindu texts are perhaps the most notable of major religions in regards to antecedent scientific understandings, in which a Day and Night of the Gods predates Albert Einstein’s Oscillating Universe Theory by thousands of years and accurately correspond to modern estimates of the time since the Big Bang, which is referred to in Vedic texts as the birth of the cosmos from a primordial egg or gem. Similarly, the Ten Avatars of Vishnu accurately depicts our evolutionary biology from the earliest incarnation as an ocean dwelling vertebrae, to an amphibian transitioning onto land, a boar representing early mammalian life, a half man half lion as early primate, a dwarf indicative of early hominoids, to more contemporary archetypes such as the brute warrior, conquering king, a sensitive prince who played the flute, to the present apex of humanity in the form of Buddha. As for the tenth incarnation of Vishnu, at the end of the present age a Destroyer on a White Horse will ride through and cleanse the world of Evil, similar to St. John’s later predictions as published in the Book of Revelation.

What is at issue is Empiricism, the belief that reality can only be measured on the basis of objective facts, observable values that present themselves in exactly the same way to every observer, discounting any subjective experiences. Herein lies the problem, one individual cannot know without a doubt that the reality they experience is the same reality that their neighbor experiences. One may theorize that because his neighbors agree that grass is green, the sky is blue, that those colors are experienced in the exact same way, but without actually experiencing both perspectives at once, we are relying on social constructions to form our consensus. Often it is not consensus though, to the colorblind the “green” grass is perceived as grey, to the blind man the grass is not green nor is the sky blue, and the madman will report what he will. So we rely on a democratic norm to conform to a reality provided by the status quo. Common knowledge regarding the state of things is not reliable however, as the media from which a great number of people obtain a great deal of their information may be easily falsified in the case of historical revisionism or political propaganda. Even when based in observable phenomenon, humans have adapted to make inferences that are not necessarily objective but often merely convenient.

Under the burden of universal laws, under which the structure and behavior of reality is supposed to exist in an unchanging state, the tenants of science fall apart. The scientific method is itself merely a post-modern creed, with fanatics decrying as impossible any event that cannot be reliably reproduced in the lab.  However, as reported in a 2005 survey done by the Washington Post, it is common practice for scientists to throw out data that is contradicts their previous research, to change a study’s design or results to satisfy a sponsor, to ignore observations that they are unable to explain, and use research designs they know will yield inaccurate results. The problem is that the whole is more than the sum of the parts, and no branch of science is anywhere near completion, as nearly every discovery raises more questions than it answers. The scientific point of view does help to unravel some specific problems, but it is by no means a complete worldview. 

Apr 6, 2014

Aristotle defines a soul as that which makes a living thing alive.

Dec 17, 2013

Advertisement For The Waldorf-Astoria

Fine living … a la carte?
Come to the Waldorf-Astoria!

Look! See what Vanity Fair says about the
new Waldorf-Astoria:

"All the luxuries of private home… ."
Now, won’t that be charming when the last flop-house
has turned you down this winter?
"It is far beyond anything hitherto attempted in the hotel
world… .” It cost twenty-eight million dollars. The fa-
mous Oscar Tschirky is in charge of banqueting.
Alexandre Gastaud is chef. It will be a distinguished
background for society.
So when you’ve no place else to go, homeless and hungry
ones, choose the Waldorf as a background for your rags—
(Or do you still consider the subway after midnight good

Take a room at the new Waldorf, you down-and-outers—
sleepers in charity’s flop-houses where God pulls a
long face, and you have to pray to get a bed.
They serve swell board at the Waldorf-Astoria. Look at the menu, will


Have luncheon there this afternoon, all you jobless.
Why not?
Dine with some of the men and women who got rich off of
your labor, who clip coupons with clean white fingers
because your hands dug coal, drilled stone, sewed gar-
ments, poured steel to let other people draw dividends
and live easy.
(Or haven’t you had enough yet of the soup-lines and the bit-
ter bread of charity?)
Walk through Peacock Alley tonight before dinner, and get
warm, anyway. You’ve got nothing else to do.

Langston Hughes
Oct 15, 2013
gonna make a memorial wall here is LES JEWELS aka Joel from New Jersey, he was a skilled poet but was legendary for his life as a gutter pirate sailing the sidewalks of the east village. I once brought him back to life from an od, but he was ‘pushing his luck’ so to speak..

I think I got the pic from latfo, or a news article or something, anyway it’s a photo of him with horns on under the krishna tree.

gonna make a memorial wall here is LES JEWELS aka Joel from New Jersey, he was a skilled poet but was legendary for his life as a gutter pirate sailing the sidewalks of the east village. I once brought him back to life from an od, but he was ‘pushing his luck’ so to speak..

I think I got the pic from latfo, or a news article or something, anyway it’s a photo of him with horns on under the krishna tree.


Sep 1, 2013

Our subjective friend, Beauty

is a qualitative thing Indeed

she cannot be distilled and bottled

She cannot be smeared over vulger things

but she can be shown to many

and she can win hearts and minds

0nly we as conscious beings can see her

and see her we can and must

Jun 25, 2013

NEW YORK CITY 1990's - Photo archives by Gregoire Alessandrini

this is where I grew up

Jun 25, 2013


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Jun 25, 2013
out of context funny comic,

out of context funny comic,

Jun 25, 2013
Fuck U-nicorns!!

Fuck U-nicorns!!

May 18, 2013

and facebook’s a damned graveyard..

Apr 1, 2013
there’s a fire on the mountain!

there’s a fire on the mountain!

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Dec 6, 2012

Memoir, so far

There’s no place like home
there’s no place to go
can’t run away
because how could you know when you got there?
There is n o peace in this world
when we are all vermin fighting for scraps
there is no time for war, as there are no funds for peace
there is no electrical magick
no smoke no mirrors
here I stand
naked as on the day of judgement
naked as a mole rat
naked as an exotic dancer
 as a newborn I am helpless
there is nowhere for me to go
 nothing to do
I have already conquered this world
but it slipped through my fingers
streaks on a windowpane,
dirty glass made dirtier by the cleaning
a bug, a fly, a whisper of more
and I’m gone, after it
the chase is on, I tear down all former erections
as I sprint recklessly
through time and space
not heeding my obstacles or competitors
my objective is my own and nobody can take that
there is a war that I fight
if only it would stay peaceful
I dread the day when that gun goes off
and all my actions turn to dreams
and all my dreams, forever..

Sep 11, 2011

Sept 11

september eleventh
two thousand and one

the lives of so many
what could we have done

for years and years
we relive this day

thinking and talking
but it won’t go away

close your eyes
it happens again

a second plane’s hit
everyone run

clouds of smoke shoot up
to choke out the sun

celebrate my birthday alone
in the downtown zone

snow in the summer
why can’t we go home

breathe in ashy dust
of asbestos and bone

the train isn’t running
you can’t work your phone

calling and calling
but it just doesn’t work

saint vincent’s wall
covered in faces

have you seen her
where is he
please help us

the cops who got out
the firefighters that didn’t

window washers
corporate lawyers
at work in the towers

the city silent
but for sirens
and tears

changes our world
we live with our fears

Sep 1, 2011

This one is for Steph.

One for Stephanie Young…

I had a dream about Stephanie Young

had a dream that she was riding a match
like a cowgirl from a pinup magazine
like a witch would ride a broomstick
no paper match but wooden, a lit one at that
with fire spitting out where broom bristles would be.

I have said so much and I’ll say it again
but not here, not now can I tell that tale
of friendship and heartbreak and doom.

Stephanie, my friend who died in a fire.
It was a fire that could have been prevented
prevented how, I don’t know. 
Life should never ever become that bad.

Life is a gift, for us to spend freely
some of us save it, hoarding the future
some of us burn it, with reckless abandon
and they often are the ones
who have the most fun.

I had always wanted to redeem the girl
but she never, ever asked me for help
as friends, all we did was drink and fight
She would always drink more
and cheer me up about losing.

damn, I miss her
hope she’s alright.

Aug 23, 2011

waves of grain

the labor of frankenstein monsters
shrunk down to the size of a pea
wrapped up in shrouds of cotton
and wound into the breeze
caught up in a windchime
and circled in to a wave
the tides of this puddle
get stronger each day
my winter is waning
with each fire I burn
soon summer will be over
and as the earth turns
spring season comes before us
bringing darkness to light
autumn leaves blow the harvest
pumpkin carves out the fright
turkey cries independence
christmas trees lit overnight
tile moves like jelly
with it’s structural mass
calculations without measure
river runs to the sea
who would count every droplet
as it rolls down the drain
cycling the lifespan
repeating circles again

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